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Absolutely, with today’s advanced technology outsource management group, LLC handles provider accounts all over the U.S.A, Just as if we were in your office.

Whether your patient data is on our secure servers, or onyour existing system, your staff, as well as our staff always have total access to perform any daily functions as needed.

We are proud to have assembled a professional team that is comprised of billing and coding specialists with extensive experiance in a number of provider specialists.

we do offer all of our services to providers across numerous specialists.

Yes, Outsource Management Group, LLC upholds the highest standards and complies with all HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

We additionally have personnel that has the responsibility of implementing, supervising and ensuring all functions that take place at OMG completely follow HIPAA rules and regulations.

No problem, we can help you create a custom superbill for your practice that you can copy and use.

As an alternative, we can also code directly from your dictation if available.

All patients call our toll free number with any questions that they may have regarding their claims or statements.

Questions are answered professionally, courteously, and every effort is made to expedite a settlement. Your patient customer support is never compromised.

No, we do not require you to buy expensive software or hardware to handle your medical billing, coding or practice management needs.

Our staff is proficient in a number of billing and management software systems available today including, but not limited to Medisoft, Lytec, AdvancedMD, EON Systems, eClinical Works, Kareo, Allscripts, Intergy, EasyClaim, Practice Fusion, MDSuite, etc. If your practice already has a system in place, we will be able to access it and utilize your system so you don’t have to change anything.

Likewise, if you’re a new provider without a software system in place we can assist you in getting setup with everything your practice needs to do your billing.

All of your claims will be submitted daily, 5 days a week, Monday – Friday. All claims received from your office will be entered and submitted for payment within 24 hours. The only exception to this is on holidays and weekends.

Absolutely, approximately 98% of all claims are filed electronically daily. We file all claims electronically to all payors that accept them.

There are some exceptions, for example workman’s comp claims and some smaller insurance companies do not accept or have the ability to accept electronic claims. In these cases we will generate a paper claim and submit them per their requirements for you.

Yes, We are pleased to offer online medical billing, medical coding, HIPAA compliance and management consulting services to medical billing firms, physician in-house medical billing staff and other medical and legal professionals nationwide.

We charge based on a percentage of total revenue collected from claims, but we also factor in your monthly volume as well. For instance, a practice with a higher volume will generally be charged a lower percentage due to the increased revenue generated.

Our fee system gives us an incentive to obtain the maximum revenue due and do so in a timely manner, or we do not get paid. Additionally based upon the results of a recent survey, our fees are lower then the national average.

Our fee always includes a dedicated staff member, or members to assist you and your staff with any questions you may have. If need be, patients and databases are setup and your practice is setup with our clearing house for electronic claims submission to begin billing immediately.

If you have a current billing system in place, we can access it remotely to perform these functions. All processes of your revenue cycle are handled for you by billing experts.

Absolutely, Outsource Management Group, LLC handles all patient information with the strictest code of conduct and complies with all HIPAA privacy and security regulations.No patient information is ever compromised.

Absolutely Not! We do not outsource any of our business functions, including our client’s daily billing, claims submission, coding, audits, etc.

All of our personnel and every aspect of our client’s revenue cycle is managed in our corporate office located in Bloomington, Indiana.

All insurance reimbursement, as well as patient’s payments are sent directly to your business office. Outsource Management Group handles all aspects of getting you reimbursed, but never handles your money.

We will post all payments and follow-up on any claims once we have access to the EOB’s.

Yes, We can provide you with a number of different monthly financial reports that we tailor to every client’s individual needs.

For example, these can include a detailed deposit report, practice analysis report, etc., depending upon your particular needs. If you need a report, we can generate it for you.

In the event of a denied or rejected claim, we will initiate a follow-up with the payor. Any claims that require an appeal will be sent along with a letter of appeal and any required documentation.

We strive to get every claim paid and work on each claim until it has been reimbursed, or a reason has been given that can be dealt with accordingly and resubmitted. A denied or unpaid claim is simply a claim that we have to re-assess and get reimbursed for you.

Yes, if your data is stored on our secure servers it is backed up daily. If your data is stored on your existing system then your data is going to continue to be backed up as it always has, even after we start performing your billing functions.

Absolutely, our phone is always answered by a team member ready to assist you and/or direct your call to the proper personnel.

We do not, nor ever plan to utilize an automated phone system.

You can get started immediately by requesting a quote for your practice here, or by calling us  at +1 (973) 264-9963

Just need more information about our services as it pertains to your practice?

Yes, Outsource Management Group provides complete credentialing solutions for all new and relocated providers in any specialty nationwide. We can credential you with the insurance carriers and networks of your choice.

We will make sure that you have all of the key elements to ensure a successful practice.

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