About Us

The Right People, Workflow And Technology To Strengthen The Foundations Of Your Revenue Cycle

NJRMS, by RCM Experts is a service developed to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions in healthcare that focused more on practice functions from front office administrative management to back office Coding, billing and collection

Our Mission

At New Jersey Medical Billing Solutions we understand that true benefit of outsourcing incorporates much more than just “saving money”, other than the cost effective advantage we provide proficiency.

Our Vision

We operate across the united states via our offshore locations and offer our personalized service packages designed to suit your requirements. This tailor made arrangement will enable your competitive advantage and implement streamlined processes.

Transition to value based care

We support your healthcare organization’s transition into the challenging value based reimbursement landscape.

Patient financials

Adapt to the era of healthcare consumerism with our patient billing experts. Drive up patient net pay collections.

Specialty focused

We have specialized teams of medical coders who hold specialty specific certifications to handle your coding tasks

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